As part of the European Union 7th Framework for Health, the “Beta-JUDO” project will involve hundreds of juveniles with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Pharmacology-based treatment strategies are limited for this growing patient group and the aim of the project is to identify novel strategies reducing insulin hyper secretion, which has so far not been considered a target for intervention in young obese individuals. The project will also involve beta-cell biology, brown adipocyte imaging, transcript and protein profiling, genetics, epidemiology and bioinformatics. A number of European institutions with expertise in these areas are thus involved. A kick-off for the project was recently held at Uppsala University, where about 30 expert scientists form several European countries attended. The project will continue until 2016 and has a total budget of €8 million.

OpenClinica will be used for data collection and data management across several European countries. The project is led by Professor Peter Bergsten Department of Medical Cell Biology at Uppsala University and two firms, Scandinavian CRO and e-Source Technology EMR, will be responsible for the management of the clinical part of the project.

We are proud to be involved in this prestigious project and to be able to demonstrate the abilities of OpenClinica and its powerful web services, which will facilitate the integration of external data from many sources across Europe.

– Dr. Krister Kristianson
e-Source Technology EMR