Welcome to the OpenClinica Blog. Let me introduce who we are and what the goal of this blog is. Akaza Research is a software firm in Cambridge, MA dedicated to advancing the use of open source software solutions in clinical research. Our flagship product is the OpenClinica Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platform, released under the open source LGPL license.

This blog will be maintained primarily by contributors from Akaza, and as it gets going we will invite contributors from outside of Akaza to provide insight and observations on relevant topics. Our broad goal is to address pertinent issues related to open source and open standards based technology in the life sciences and healthcare. Given the focus of OpenClinica, we’ll have a bias towards discussing EDC-centric issues, but will certainly cover topics with a broader focus. The bloggers you’ll read will address topics from the perspective of business, techology, and organizational/community points of view. Our hope is stimulate readers who are innovators and thought leaders at the intersection of these areas. I invite you to contribute your comments and feedback, and to make this a truly open forum for discussion and debate.