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OpenClinica and Insight
30 minute webinar highlighting OpenClinica Enterprise and OpenClinica’s reporting module, Insight.
Introducing OpenClinica Insight
Intelligent reporting of all your data has arrived. Turn data into analytics and action.

The Kitchen Sink
From real-time edit checks to cross-form intelligence, clickable image maps to likert scales, see everything OpenClinica forms can do for you.

Turning the (Data) Tables
Learn how to harness the power of external tables and lists for your lab forms and AE coding needs in this instructive 20-minute video.

Good Form
Design your eCRFs for better data, faster. A crash course in item types, form logic, and data validation that’s applicable to all EDC systems.

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Looking for a video tutorial on eCRF design best practices? Check out “Good Form,” a system-neutral survey of form-building concepts. Then watch “Kitchen Sink” to see how easy OpenClinica makes it to put these concepts to work. Complete the form below to proceed to our video library.

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