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ODIN is a browser-based, open source php application that can import subjects, schedule events, do the mapping and import data from a CSV file to a target OpenClinica instance. 
Maintained by: Csaba Halmagyi

Rule Designer
The OpenClinica Rule Designer is a drag-and-drop tool for developing and testing rules in OpenClinica (edit checks, dynamic logic, events calendaring, etc.).
Maintained by: Krikor Krumlian

Extract to SAS, R, CSV
This is a set of tools for converting OpenClinica data sets into CSV, R (dataframes), and SAS (XML library–i.e. a SAS XML data file with a SAS mapping file). XML transformations and powershell scripts are provided.
Maintained by: Linas Silva

RANDI2 is a Web-based application for convenient and state-of-the-art randomization within clinical trials.
Maintained by: Daniel Schrimpf

OCDataImporter is a graphical interface that takes a tab-delimited text file as input and maps the data to ODM XML for import into OpenClinica.
Maintained by: Cuneyt Parlayan

Community Data Mart
A set of scripts and instructions for setting up a live reporting system for OpenClinica.
Maintained by: Lindsay Stevens

OpenClinica WikiBook
A voluntary work done by OpenClinica users containing a series of guides to help users learn how to use OpenClinica for clinical data management.
Maintained by: Christian Hänsel

OpenClinica to transMART converter
Converts ODM data to a tabular format that i2b2-based databases can understand.
Maintained by: Ward Blondé

WCHRI OpenClinica Export to SAS Utility
A utility that provides simplicity of use by data management staff (not an end user tool). It is invoked from the command line, creates an XML ‘dump’ of all critical study data, and is fast – not encumbered by a user interface or web based delivery.
Maintained by: Rick Watts

Codelist Lookup
Use a 3rd party application to lookup/search for a code or term from an OpenClinica CRF via a popup window, and send the term back to the CRF field.
Maintained by: Gerben Rienk

DynaOCreports is built on Java and Jasper reports and runs on OpenClinica’s postgres-based database. It provides a web-based application that allows users to dynamically create (using an intuitive query builder) and display reports with the power of JasperReports tool.
Maintained by: Caesar Olima

OpenClinica Big Data (OC-Big)
The open source project OC-Big is designed as easy-to-install extension of OpenClinica. It aims at enriching OpenClinica by a new module for convenient and context-related transfer of blobs, such as biomedical images or signals.
Maintained by: idmteam

OpenClinica LongLists
For response types such as the single-select, the RESPONSE_VALUES_OR_CALCULATIONS field in the Excel template contains a description of the options available to a user. The maximum number of characters allowed in this field is 4000. Whereas generally this will suffice, in some cases, when dealing with very long lists, it will not.On this page three methods are provided that explain how you can circumvent this problem.
Maintained by: Sander de Ridder

Visual Analogue Scale
A Visual Analogue Scale is a nice little extra for your CRF. This solution is made with some javascript and two images, but a simpler version is also described. Plus an explanation how it works.
Maintained by: Gerben Rienk

Deselect for Radio Buttons
Sometimes you want a second chance and that is hard with radio buttons. Here’s a little javascript to add to your CRF, so users can de-select radio buttons.
Maintained by: Gerben Rienk

Oracle to postgreSQL database migration
The Oracle to PostgreSQL database migration will help you successfully migrate an OpenClinica database created in Oracle 10g to PostgreSQL 8.4.
Maintained by: Thasbiha Khaja

OC Rules Validation
Validating rules can be a lot of work. This tool tries to make the validation process easier and faster, by using scripts and by automatically generating documentation.
Maintained by: Robert Meester

Converts CSV to Excel-CRF. It copies columns from data file to item names, descriptions, left labels and finds if there are rows with repeating data (like man, woman, unknown) to offer these as single-select items, determines the type of data (for example, if all rows are integer, type = INT), etc. This takes place in a data grid so that the user can interactively react on the choices that the tool makes.
Maintained by: Cuneyt Parlayan

Offline rule generator for OpenClinica. Generates rules from study metadata. The UI is less friendly than OC rule designer, but it works faster, because it is an offline tool.
Maintained by: Cuneyt Parlayan

OpenClinica – Desktop Client
This extension is an example of how external application can integrate with OpenClinica using SOAP and REST based web services. Desktop client implements a full range of OpenClinica supported web services and comes with a simple python library which makes this interaction possible.
Maintained by: Tomas Skripcak

SurveyGizmo to OpenClinica Connector
Pulls data from SurveyGizmo surveys and pushes into OpenClinica. See respository readme for more details.
Maintained by: Richard Brookes

Data Extract for STATA
Converts OpenClinica SPSS output to STATA. A free hosted tool from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.
Maintained by: Luke Stevens

OpenClinica in “Offline” Mode
DNDi Data Center in Nairobi, Kenya has been exploring ways of using OpenClinica in “offline mode” and has developed a python script which makes it possible to use the software in offline mode then later synchronize with a central database. 
Maintained by: Raymond Omollo

Discrepancy Note Report
This is an XSL that prepares a discrepancy notes report from the notes data included in the ODM 1.3 full extensions XML extract.
Maintained by: Lindsay Stevens

OC Scraper
A way of getting data from scraping an OpenClinica page. Built in Python. An example script is provided which logs into OpenClinica, goes to the audit logs page, scrapes the subject info shown there, puts that into an html email, sends the email, then logs out of OpenClinica. 
Maintained by: Lindsay Stevens

OpenClinica Bulk Loader
The OpenClinica Bulk Loader allows you to import the contents of a CSV file into an OpenClinica Study Event’s Case Report Form.
Maintained by: Stephen Granite

Get Metadata Listings
Generate printable metadata listings for an OpenClinica study using OpenClinica’s ODM 1.2 extract format and CDISC’s define.xml.
Maintained by: Cal Collins

Japanese Translation
Japanese translation of OpenClinica contributed by Information Services International-Dentsu.
Maintained by: Hiro Honshuku

French Translation
French translation of OpenClinica.
Maintained by: Hiro Honshuku

Chinese translation
Chinese translation of OpenClinica.
Maintained by: Hiro Honshuku

Rule Design Assistant
A Microsoft Access based rules designer for OpenClinica. Quickly and easily define rules, have the database generate the relevant XML, and upload the XML to OpenClinica.
Maintained by: Clemens Masesa

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