Clinical Data Managers, why choose between powerful and easy when you can have both?

Discover EDC that’s built for the trial site, the participant, and you. This is the clinical data management tool you’ve been waiting for.


Introducing the new OpenClinica

What should EDC do in 2017? A lot more than just capture data. A true solution serves every member of your trial team, with a level of clarity, sophistication and power worthy of today’s web.

Data Managers

  • Plan study events and assign forms in real-time collaboration with fellow study leaders
  • Rapidly address amendments, form versioning, and discrepancies
  • Gain insight with rich, visual reporting

Site Personnel

  • Randomize and capture data in the same system
  • Work more efficiently with intuitive navigation, auto-save, and real-time edit checks
  • Enjoys forms so clear that data entry is a breeze


  • Use your smartphone, laptop, PC–or all three!
  • Receive helpful reminders when data is needed

In a fast-paced, big data, mobile age, we don’t think this is too much to ask. That’s why the new OpenClinica delivers it all, including:

  • A collaborative study designer – build studies in record time
  • Extraordinarily flexible forms – mobile, widgets, ePRO or clinician, choose your layout
  • In-depth analytics with OpenClinica InsightTM

In short, the new OpenClinica doesn’t just capture data: it empowers your whole trial team to deliver better data faster. Ready to see how? Request a demo today!