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“Three days to enter data, five days to answer queries.”


The rule couldn’t be any clearer. You’ve told your sites at the IM and reminded them in each newsletter. You know you won’t get 100% compliance, and that’s fine. You’re reasonable.

But this is getting out of control.

As a data manager, you’ll always live with missing forms, blank fields and open queries. It’s a chronic condition that gives rise to acute episodes around interim and final locks. You’ve learned to manage it, even thrive with it, but you know there’s got to be a more effective treatment regimen.

Good news. While there’s no panacea, I’d like to offer a tool you can begin using today, regardless of your systems or processes, to spur your sites onto improved data entry, query resolution, and even enrollment. But as with any treatment, we need to consider directions, precautions and potential side effec