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6 Reasons OC Customers Love our EDC

We’ve helped run 15,000 studies with 3M participants and 500 customers

Since our founding in 2006, OpenClinica has helped to run more than 15,000 studies around the world with three million participants and 500 customers. We have worked with all study types from small startups to some of the largest platform trials such as I-SPY 2.
Listening to our customers, we have discovered there are six reasons why they love our electronic data capture (EDC) platform, OpenClinica Core:

One: OpenClinica has a unified product suite. Each of our tools delivers unique functionality for clinical research and scales to meet the needs of clinical trial researchers. The platform is built on an API-first architecture meaning it is highly scalable and flexible. This flexibility allows organizations to integrate with outside data sources, enhancing data sets and enabling teams to connect with third party systems that support their clinical trials.

Two: We make the complex easy, orchestrating multiple data streams in our increasingly complex technological world. OpenClinica’s modern user interface, highly capable forms, and simple study designer all have been designed to ensure that any user can be handed the keys to OpenClinica’s EDC platforms and thrive.

Three: OpenClinica customers determine the setup/configuration process. Our products are designed based on a self-service use case and enable customers to become product experts and power users through the use of the platform. That’s why 90 percent of first studies are built by our customers without IT support. The system is modern and user friendly which enables teams to learn it quickly without needing in-depth technical knowledge or programming skills.

Four: OpenClinica focuses on providing smart, powerful forms. Within OpenClinica, all forms are created utilizing one set of design tools and one forms engine. Through a variety of field types and functions such as real time edit checks, logic, rules, and calculations, forms are designed to simplify the site user’s life. At the point of data entry, the forms are designed to remove the cognitive burden from the end user and allow them to focus on the care they are providing to the patient.

Five: OpenClinica is on the leading edge of incorporating EHR data into our EDC platforms. This has been rolled out to the largest network of sites to date and is currently enabling large platform trials to reduce data entry, SDV, and data cleaning efforts while eliminating errors. We designed and built it in collaboration with the FDA to ensure EHR data could be used as an original source. And, if you have to collect data, there is an outsized impact downstream. OpenClinica can ensure that if data has to be entered manually, it is accurate.

Six: OpenClinica’s study designer is a user-friendly interface that enables users to rapidly prototype studies using modern drag-and-drop tools combined with smart forms. The study designer updates in real time which enables collaboration between colleagues as a study is built. Events can be created with the click of a button, named, and then marked as either scheduled or unscheduled events. Each event can be marked as repeating with the click of a button. Once an event has been created, users can add as many forms as needed and create these using a point and click interface made for the 21st century.

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