2024 EHR eSource in Clinical Trials Case Study

Data Confidence, Financial Gains: The Business Case for EHR eSource in Clinical Trials

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EHR eSource drives efficiencies for sponsors & sites

Clinical trials are increasingly complex and, at the same, under pressure to deliver higher quality results faster than ever before. Dive deep into our case study to discover how seamless EHR eSource integration drove unparalleled efficiency and value for a real-world sponsor of a complex platform trial. In this case study, you will learn how our innovative technology:

  • Saved time,
  • Reduced errors,
  • Accelerated trial timelines, and
  • Optimized investment.

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Key Takeaways

  • reduced-data-entry-icon 2
    Efficiency Amplified

    Drastic reduction in manual entry data, freeing valuable resources for more meaningful work.

  • error-elimination-icon
    Error Elimination

    Higher quality data right from the start minimizes costly errors and streamlines downstream validation & cleaning.

  • cost-savings-icon
    Cost Savings

    Reduced manual labor, decreased error-related expenses and enhanced operational efficiency.

  • enhanced-decision-making-icon
    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Timley. accurate data means sponsors can make informed decisions, paving the way for expedited trial outcomes and market launch.

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