How data gets done


  • Define, order, and re-order your events and forms on a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Collaborate with your team on that same interface. Audit logs ensure that no changes are lost.
  • Update your forms as needed: the study build system will tracking versioning for you.
  • Preview the forms exactly how they’ll appear and function for your users from within the build system.
  • Publish to a test or production environment in less than minute.
  • Invite study managers and sites with permissions you control.
  • Create a site or user once, and the system stores the record for use in other studies.


  • Make data entry a joy with flexible, mobile-friendly forms with real-time edit checks and auto-save.
  • Upload data in batches with simple imports or via an extensive web services API that connects to your existing systems.
  • Collect data directly from participants conveniently from any device.
  • Randomize seamlessly from within eCRFs.
  • Export data in common file formats.


  • Instantly access operational and clinical data to acting quickly on everything from queries to adverse events.
  • Visualize with bar charts, line graphs, and more
  • Send report updates to team leads and sites on a time- or event-based schedule.


Keep your sites productive and compliant.

Give sites an easy, and intuitive way to provide accurate study data. Auto-notify site users with actions required. Auto-manage study calendars. Apply electronic signatures.

OpenClinica Case Report Form
OpenClinica Case Report Form

Data Managers