Randomization in clinical trials can be complex. OpenClinica makes the complex easy.

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OpenClinica Randomize™ creates easy randomization workflows because randomization workflows should, well, flow.

Betty Prager Senior Solutions Consultant

Patient Randomization with OC Randomize

Hear Senior Solutions Consultant, Betty Prager, discuss how OpenClinica Randomize supports a wide variety of studies.

How does OpenClinica Randomize™ work in a Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT)?

OpenClinica Randomize™ gives users the ability to easily randomize subjects directly within a case report form (CRF) with the drug or randomization code auto-generated into a second CRF. This follows the standard RCT model of a treatment group and control group. If you are running adaptive trials or trial designs that require multiple randomizations, OpenClinica Randomize can help.

Treatment Control direction

OpenClinica Randomize™ Supports:

  • Multiple methods such as simple, blocks, random permuted blocks, and minimization
  • Stratification by age, sex, site, or any case report form (CRF) variable
  • Unlimited treatment group and custom allocation ratios
  • Generated randomization lists
  • Email notifications
  • Blinded studies
  • Allocation of randomization codes at follow-up visits
  • Code list management
  • Generated randomization codes for labeling treatment kits
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    Save Time

    Integrate randomization into your OpenClinica study workflow.

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    Powerful and Easy

    Easy to use for all types of randomized clinical trials (RCTs).

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    Expert Advice for Smooth Implementation

    OpenClinica is here to guide you through setup with professional, experienced statisticians.

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