Community, Enterprise, and OC4: What’s the Difference?

The two tables below compare and contrast the Community, Enterprise (OC3.x), and new (OC4) versions of OpenClinica. The first table summarizes those differences, while the second provides a feature-by-feature comparison. We hope you recognize your challenges and their solutions in the tables below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Summary of Differences

Community (Get started here.)

  • No set-up or subscription fees
  • Unlimited users, sites, and forms

  • Stand alone EDC
  • Basic forms
  • Not validated
  • Must be hosted on your own server
  • No dedicated support

  • Validated
  • Compliance support included
  • Cloud hosted for maximum security, reliability, and performance
  • Easy addition of ePRO, IxRS, supply management, and reporting modules
  • Robust integration with other common eClinical platforms (e.g. CTMS, biospecimen tracking)
  • Dedicated user support
Our software-as-a-service offering requires a low set-up fee and monthly subscription.

Note that the Community-related costs of self-hosting, validation, augmentation with ePRO and IxRS, and internal support can exceed the expense of Software-as-a-Service.
OC4All of the Enterprise features, plus…

  • A collaborative, drag-and-drop study designer
  • Ultra-capable forms engine supporting real-time edit checks, powerful skip logic, reason for change workflow, and auto-save
  • Flexible form layout
  • UI-optimized form items that include Likert scales, visual analog scales, images as selection choices, clickable image maps, large file uploads, and more

Feature Comparison

FunctionFeatureCommunityOC 3
OC 4
Study DesignCollaborative, drag-and-drop study designer
Study DesignFully functional form previews
Study DesignOne-click publishing to test and production
Users and OrganizationsUnlimited users and sites
Users and OrganizationsEasily select existing users and sites for a new study
Form functionalityCapable form authoring environmentBasicBasicAdvanced
Form functionalityRule Designer
Form functionalityReal-time edit checks
Form functionalityCross form checks, calculations, and dynamic logic part defined conveniently within form
Form functionalityQueries fire automatically on unresolved edit checks
Form functionalityReason for Change
Form layoutMulti-page