The modern, flexible, easy-to-integrate EDC you’ve been looking for

In the fast-evolving landscape of research, successful clinical trials demand the harmonious integration of data and technology. Choosing the right EDC has become a critical decision amidst the surge of options flooding the market. Discover how OpenClinica has facilitated over 15,000 global studies — the secret lies in our commitment to:

  • Simplifying complexity,
  • Offering dynamic smart forms, and
  • Empowering data automation

In this short video, you’ll learn how to elevate your research operations, enhance participant engagement and say goodbye to data entry errors. Your journey towards better data and faster results begins now.

Three reasons our customers love us!

  • EDC-demo-self-service enablement-icon
    Self-Service Enablement

    Build studies without IT or technical resources

  • EDC-demo-smart forms-icon
    Smart Forms

    Accurate, easy, helpful

  • EDC-demo-data-automation-icon
    Data Automation

    Orchestrate complex data pipelines

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