OpenClinica Participate ePRO

Get data directly from your subjects, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Participate ePRO provides a fun and easy way for patients to contribute directly to your clinical trial. With Participate ePRO, you can send friendly, “just-in-time” notifications and reminders through SMS or email. Get the data that’s fresh in your patient’s mind.

Strengthen patient engagement

Strengthen patient engagement

Make it super easy for patients to have a more active role in your trial. Deploy an ePRO experience with images, video, visual analog scales and more–that will work seamlessly on any device.

Zero friction for your participants

Participate ePro removes barriers between you and your study participants. Well, except for pets! There’s no app to install and participants can use any device(s) they like (smartphones, tablets, desktops). Participants can even securely access their dashboard without having to remember a username and password. Bring your own device (BYOD), no app to download, and no password to remember–now that’s zero friction!

Zero friction
patient engagement solution

Fully Integrated ePRO patient engagement solution

No more going in and out of different systems. Participate ePRO is fully integrated with OpenClinica’s EDC, so data managers and other study designers enjoy creating the forms in one system and in one place. A single checkbox allows you to set either a clinician-based eCRF or a patient-facing ePRO form.


ePRO and clinical data, together as one.

Patient-reported data instantly becomes part of your overall study data set.


Clinical data quality and security

With Participate ePRO and OpenClinica’s powerful form capabilities, you increase data quality and speed of data acquisition.


GCPeace of mind.

And, your ePRO data is HIPAA compliant and fully auditable. A single audit trail clearly shows patient, clinician and study team activity in a single view.

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