Waltham, Massachusetts – March 3, 2023 – Today, OpenClinica announces its organizational membership in the prestigious Vulcan Program, which is  Health Level Seven’s (HL7) newest Fast Healthcare Interoperability (FHIR) Accelerator. Additionally, Cal Collins, company CEO, joins the Vulcan steering committee.

Cal and his team bring a unique perspective and skillset to the accelerator. OpenClinica’s  recent success  in the US government’s Operation Warp Speed project puts them in the vanguard of rapid technological innovation that simplified and accelerated early Covid-19 clinical trials.

The experience and expertise of the OpenClinica organization is deeply aligned with the accelerator’s mission of interoperability between healthcare and research,” said Michael VanCampen, Vulcan Project Manager. “We warmly welcome them into the Vulcan program.”

Designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of implementation, the program combines the best features of existing HL7 standards with the latest web technologies to make interoperable healthcare applications dramatically simpler, easier and faster to develop.

Vulcan is doing essential work to support next-generation standards for acquiring and utilizing health data in research,” said Cal Collins, OpenClinica CEO. “We’re at a critical juncture in clinical research where we can achieve higher quality, more comprehensive data and better engagement with providers and patients. Vulcan’s work is key to realizing those promises.”

Project Vulcan represents an ambitious new use of the FHIR Accelerator Program, pulling together a diverse multi-stakeholder group that includes government and regulatory agencies, standards development organizations, academic sites, technology vendors and patients.

About OpenClinica

OpenClinica accelerates clinical trials by automating data acquisition through its software-as-a-service platform. Offering a secure bridge between healthcare and research, OpenClinica is trusted by the world’s foremost life science companies, academic institutions, and government entities and has been used in more than 10,000 studies involving over five million patients. OpenClinica is proud to support hundreds of small, midsize and large research organizations spanning biotech, pharma, medical device manufacturing and contract research organizations. For more information, visit us at www.openclinica.com

About HL7

Health Level Seven International (HL7) Health Level Seven® International (HL7) is an ANSI-accredited, not-for-profit standards developing organization with the mission of empowering global health interoperability. With affiliates in over 30 countries, HL7’s global membership envisions a world in which everyone can securely access and use the right data when and where they need it. Widely implemented by vendor and health care systems, and required by governing bodies around the world, HL7 standards deliver solutions for health information technology, including HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), Version 2 (V2) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®). For more information, visit HL7.org. www.HL7.org.



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