The Path Toward Virtualization: Your Blueprint for Hybrid Clinical Trials

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Key takeaways from this eBook

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    Why a hybrid decentralized model works best

    Most clinical trials will never be fully decentralized. Learn why hybrid is the preferred approach.

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    How a hybrid trial impacts your study stakeholders

    How will sponsors, clinical data managers, research coordinators, monitors, sites, participants, statisticians, and other stakeholders be impacted?

  • tools-icon
    Tools for enabling your digital clinical study

    From the electronic data capture (EDC) platform to electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO), integrated tools, and more -- which tools are right for your study? We'll explore.

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    How to launch a hybrid clinical trial

    Discover the 4 key factors to consider when evaluating technology partners so that when it's time to implement and launch your study, you are confident and successful!


"For ease of use, efficiency, and UI, OpenClinica is my first pick. The regulatory support package is robust and validation maintenance is simple and straightforward. Development processes are well controlled and the company is at a mature place in testing and compliance. Aside from really nice software, the people are really lovely and provide excellent support."

– President, Biotechnology Company

"Our business requires continuous frequent changes to study design. The OpenClinica design tools make it easy for non-technical resources to make, test, and then deploy changes while maintaining compatibility with previous iterations. In the event that the required form logic is really complex, OpenClinica professional resources are there to assist. The webservices allow us to enroll participants and schedule events in OpenClinica programmatically which is a significant time-saver. This also made integration with existing systems and business processes much smoother."

– Director of IT, Applications and Data

"Having worked with OpenClinica and other EDC systems for several years, OpenClinica puts all the others to shame when it comes to customer service; their team bends over backward to help train, explain, and fix. The software is continually improving based on user feedback. The forms are very powerful and have almost every feature you might need: conditional display, modern responsive interface, touch-friendly, lots of question types, conditional requirement, programmable notes to users."

– Clinical Data Manager
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