How to use untapped, source patient data for more efficient clinical trials

Whether your clinical research is a site-based trial, decentralized clinical trial, virtual study, or a hybrid of these methodologies, one thing they all have in common is a plethora of untapped patient data. Listen to our podcast with Clinical Research News to learn how you can pull data from EHRs into your study database with one click. Even better – it’s cost-effective, fast, and effortless. One site’s project director said, “The implementation was quick and easy in comparison to other implementations.” And another IT user said, “Our clinicians have access to summary displays melding research data from OpenClinica with records from the patient’s chart in a way that is not feasible for either system to do on its own.”

Ready to make your life (and the life of your study team) easy? Listen now.

Learning Objectives

  • How to pull patient data that already exists in your EHR into your study database for instant access to source data
  • The way to eliminate high-risk, manual data entry and transcription time for clinical research coordinators at your sites (from 60 minutes down to 5 minutes)
  • How to reduce monitoring costs without sacrificing quality
  • The keys to increasing site productivity and satisfaction
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