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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour & EHR eSource Integration

On May 9, 2024, Taylor Swift took her Eras Tour to Paris.

ICYMI, Swift commenced a two-year concert tour on March 17, 2023. She will perform a total of 152 shows across five continents and is expected to conclude her tour on December 8, 2024, in Vancouver, Canada.

By now, you have to be wondering how I am going to connect the Eras Tour and EHR eSource integration.

Well, here goes.

Back to Paris. That’s where, as the most devoted Swifties know, Taylor Swift changed her playlist.

These [Paris] shows mark the first time Swift has performed onstage since the release of her record-shattering studio album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’ After much speculation, Swift officially switched up her more than three-hour setlist, cutting some songs to make room for a new section dedicated to her 11th album.

And so it is with Are You Ready for EHR eSource? Lessons from the Field.

Days before Swift’s first show in Paris, Adam Asare, Chief Data Officer for the QuantumLeap Healthcare Collaborative, and I participated in an Xtalks webinar about EHR eSource integration. Due to a family emergency, Mike Hogarth, Clinical Research Information Officer of UCSD Health, was unable to join us.

The Xtalks webinar was similar to the presentation Asare, Hogarth and I made at the SCDM Annual Conference in October 2023. As we did at SCDM 2023, Asare of the QuantumLeap Healthcare Collaborative and I shared important insights about EHR eSource integration, including the trends that are building momentum for eSource, which are:

  • Modern standards such as FHIR and SMART on FHIR,
  • Data quality and consistency across sites,
  • Control in the hands of sites and patients,
  • Frameworks for access and protection of privacy,
  • Increased focus on real-world evidence (RWE) for research,
  • Regulatory mandates such as the ONC, and
  • Much faster and more accurate than CRF-based transcription.

EHR eSource Integration Saves Time and Money

Asare and I also reviewed the ample reliable and compelling evidence that EHR eSource integration works. In short, the use of eSource technology delivered significant time and cost savings for an adaptive platform trial of repurposed therapeutics for patients hospitalized with a severe infectious disease. For more details about the time and cost savings, read my blog, Lessons from the Field: Get Ready for eSource.

As for how Asare and I “changed the playlist,” Hogarth’s absence was the most obvious way. The most substantive difference was the growth to 35 trial sites and 25 OneSource implementations with more underway.

When Asare was discussing how simple and quick it is to implement EHR eSource integration, he noted,

We now have this operational for a Phase 1 study, a Phase 2 study in breast cancer, and also in the I SPY COVID 19 trial. Our trials have over 35 sites. The EHR integrations have been very successful.

This is a bit of an older slide. We’re at about 35 sites. More recent sites that are not shown are the University of Minnesota, Georgetown and Emory are underway, and the University of California San Diego also has an implementation. As a sponsor, we’re rapidly finding the ability to rapidly leverage integrations at EHRs whether they be Epic or Cerner. There’s also a component for Apple Health for patient mediated access to medical records as well.”

Map showing US clinical trial sites of OneSource EHR eSource implementation

Adam Asare, Chief Data Officer for the QuantumLeap Healthcare Collaborative, “We’re at about 25 sites now.”

I can’t promise you a Taylor Swift easter egg, but watching the Xtalks webinar, Are You Ready for EHR eSource? Lessons from the Field, is well worth your time, particularly if you want to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to embrace eSource integration with confidence.

To watch Are You Ready for EHR eSource? Lessons from the Field, click here. On the Xtalks webinar landing page, you can also download the OpenClinica case study, Data Confidence, Financial Gains: The Business Case for EHR eSource in Clinical Trials.


Disclaimer: The mention of Taylor Swift and her Eras Tour is solely for illustrative purposes to engage readers and provide a relatable introduction to the topic of EHR eSource integration. Taylor Swift does not endorse, sponsor, or have any affiliation with the EHR eSource integration, the Xtalks webinar, or any related products or services discussed in this blog.

Image credit: “Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Midnights Era Set” by Paolo Villanueva, is licensed under CC BY 4.0 / modified from original

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