Why choose between powerful and easy when you can have both? OCv4


Introducing the new OpenClinica

What should EDC do in 2017? A lot more than just capture data. A true solution serves every member of your trial team, with a level of clarity, sophistication and power worthy of today’s web.

Data Managers

  • Plan study events and assign forms in real-time collaboration with fellow study leaders
  • Rapidly address amendments, form versioning, and discrepancies
  • Gain insight with rich, visual reporting

Site Personnel

  • Randomize and capture data in the same system
  • Work more efficiently with intuitive navigation, auto-save, and real-time edit checks
  • Enjoys forms so clear that data entry is a breeze


  • Use your smartphone, laptop, PC–or all three!
  • Receive helpful reminders when data is needed

In a fast-paced, big data, mobile age, we don’t think this is too much to ask. That’s why the new OpenClinica delivers it all, including:

  • A collaborative study designer – build studies in record time
  • Extraordinarily flexible forms – mobile, widgets, ePRO or clinician, choose your layout
  • In-depth analytics with OpenClinica InsightTM

In short, the new OpenClinica doesn’t just capture data: it empowers your whole trial team to deliver better data faster. Ready to see how? Request a demo today! 

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