Passion fuels us.

Values guide us.

Ask any five of us where our personal expertise lies, and you’ll get five answers, from the clinical to the technical, from product to service. Then ask each of us how we approach our job, and you’ll get one ‘S.O.P.’ We are open, data-driven, customer-focused, and determined to improve health using technology.


OpenClinica’s senior executives are pioneers in the adoption and advancement of electronic data capture. From patient-friendly ePRO to system interoperability, they’ve stood behind every effort to deliver better data, faster to clinical researchers. In addition to pushing boundaries, OpenClinica’s senior executives take active roles in the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Cal Collins, CEO

A graduate of Harvard University, Cal has served as Chief Executive Officer of OpenClinica since the company’s founding in 2006. During this time he has spearheaded the development of the OpenClinica software, which has become the world’s leading open source system for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) in clinical trials. Cal is an active member of CDISC’s Operational Data Model V2 feature team. He has keynoted, presented, and/or organized sessions at events including the DIA Annual Meeting, SCDM Annual Conference, Society for Clinical Trials, American Medical Informatics Association’s Annual Symposium, the Open Source Electronic Health Records Alliance (OSEHRA) and the tranSMART Annual Meeting.

Ben Baumann, COO

Also a Harvard graduate, Ben brings to OpenClinica more than 16 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to clinical research. With OpenClinica since the company’s founding, he has served in both business development and operations roles. Ben has contributed as lecturer, presenter, and panelist to forums including the Society for Clinical Data Management (2017), the Annual Mobile in Clinical Trials Conference (2016), Clinical Systems and Technology Marketplace (2015), Electronic Clinical Outcomes Summit (2015), and the AMIA Joint Summits (2014).

Meet more of our team

Dozens of product and service professionals are responsible for the delightful data experiences of our customers. This month we’re spotlighting two of those professionals.

Paul Bowen, Director of Product

“I live at the nexus of the technical, operational, and business sides of OpenClinica. I get to exercise my problem solving muscles by taking feature requests and distilling them down to requirements and then I get to collaborate with our engineers to have them built into our products. A short time later I get to see the end result of this team effort delivered into the hands of our users. That is super cool by itself, but it’s so much better because what we’re creating is contributing to the improvement of medical care that is positively impacting people’s lives.”

Bryan Farrow, eClinical Catalyst

“eClinical Catalyst may be an odd title, but it really does capture my role here. I change the way data managers, monitors, and clinical research coordinators use technology by testing and sharing best practices that can be implemented with our system. The ‘testing’ part of these duties gives me a chance to stretch analytical muscles, while the ‘sharing’ part exercises my creative, design, and writing skills. As someone drawn to logic puzzles and graphic novels,  I’m very lucky to have this role! I also get to improve the work of people who are working to improve medicine. That’s really gratifying.”